The tall man lets you into the foyer and identifies himself as the Butler. As he takes your coat and bag, you try and take in as much of interior decor as you can. Through a door on your right you spy what must be a living room. An aroma from your far left indicates the location of the kitchen. Your stomach growls, reminding you that all you've eaten today is a granola bar. 

You suddenly realise that the Butler has been speaking to you. You flash him a sheepish grin as you say, "I'm sorry. Can you repeat that?"

There's a knowing glint in his eyes as he repeats himself. "Nivea is currently indisposed. But she has left instructions as to show any visitors her work. If you wish, could show you her samples. Would that be to your liking?" 

You tell him that you would love to see Nivea's work, click here.

You collect your coat and bag back and tell him you can come back later, click here.