"Very well," says the Butler, brightening up considerably. "If you would just come this way." 

You follow him across the foyer, turning left and heading deeper into the house, passing by the source of the mouth-watering aroma in the process. However, you don't notice your stomach rumble as you step into what is a long corridor lined with paintings. Doing some quick math in your head you realise this mansion is deceptively deeper than you'd thought. 

"It's weird, but it's almost like it's bigger on the..." You cut your observation short when the Butler comes to a stop in front of an ornate wooden door. He opens it to reveal a very well stocked library. You follow him inside. 

The Butler strides over to the fireplace and begins to start a fire. Normally you'd insist that he needn't go through the trouble, but you can't seem to resist the idea of reading by firelight. As he works to get a flame going, you gaze around the room, taking in the various titles on the walls. You make a quick note to ask Nivea about her taste in books. 

A moment later, the Butler stands up, a strong crackling flame next to him. "Please take a seat," he says, gesturing to two comfortable looking leather arm chairs near the fireplace. 

You settle on the one on the right, seeing as it's slightly closer to the fire. As you take a seat, he comes and hands you a brown, leather-bound tome, with the words 'Nivea Serrao' embossed in gold across the front. 


"I shall check on you in an hour," he says, before exiting the room and shutting the door behind him.   

You open the book to the first page and begin to read, click here.