You follow him back out into the corridor, making your way to the foyer once again, but this time turning left and entering a room just off to the side. This in turn leads to a flight of stairs, heading down into what appears to be the basement. The scent of food, which had assaulted your senses just a few minutes earlier is now faint. You let out a mental sigh of relief, grateful that the Butler won't be subjected to your stomach's loud demands yet again.  

A few seconds later you realise you've reached your destination.

"This is Nivea's Game Room," announces the Butler, as he switches on the light. 

"Well, we're definitely not in Kansas anymore..." You quip as you gaze around the well-stocked room. You eye an impressive collection of board games on the shelves to the left before your attention shifts to the pool table off in the far right corner.


Some movement at the centre of the room grabs your attention. You see the Butler pulling out a chair at the board game table, clearly meant for you. Blushing slightly you speed-walk your way over and take a seat. You make a note to ask Nivea what her favourite game is. 


Once it appears you're comfortable, the Butler places a laptop in front of you. On it is a page with links to Nivea's design portfolio. 


"I shall check on you in an hour," he says, before exiting the room and heading up the stairs.   

You scroll to the top of the page and begin to read, click here.