Your goal of reviewing Nivea's work and contacting her complete, you slip on your coat, which the Butler has been kind enough to hold out for you. As you pick up your bag and prepare to leave, you notice that the Butler is holding out a plastic bag. 

Slightly confused, you take it from him and check its contents. Doing so unleashes a waft of the same aroma that has been haunting your memories for the past hour. You look up at Butler questioningly. 

"Nivea doesn't like her guests to leave empty handed," the Butler explains. "And given the presumably long drive you have ahead of you, I thought this would be an appropriate gift."

You barely need to say anything as your stomach rumbles in gratitude. Instead, you flash him a grateful smile. It's clear why Nivea employs him. 

With a nod of acknowledgement, Butler simply clears his throat in response and moves forward to open the door. You notice that the weather has calmed down considerably--all the better for your walk back to your car. 


With one last nod at the Butler, you step outside the mansion and begin your journey home. As you do so, you can't help but remember the brief note Nivea had tucked into the last page of her portfolio...

"It's a magical world Hobbes, ol' buddy... Let's go exploring!"


"Louie, I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship"


"All was well."

"All adventures must eventually come to an end, be it with a ride into the sunset, or simply waking from a dream. This is where mine comes to a close... for now."